Seminar on EU Administrative Law and Procedure, November 2019, Rome (Coming soon)

EU Family Law
June 2019, Brussels


Seminar on EU Data Protection and Privacy Rights, June 2019, Sofia (Coming soon)


Unaccompanied minors – new challenges for the civil courts - the civil law perspective in the Member States
May 2019, Brussels


Podcast series: Cross-border maintenance - the recovery of maintenance in a cross-border context
May 2019, Lisbon

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Upholding the Rule of Law in Practice
March 2019, Brussels


The EPPO: investigations and prosecutions to fight against the financial interests of the EU
March 2019, Brussels


Seminar on EU Competition Law, November 2018, Rome (Coming soon)


Parental Responsibility and International Child Abduction, December 2017, Brussels


Podcast series: European Employment Law, May 2016, Lisbon

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Podcast series: Sports Law 
May 2016, Lisbon

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Podcast series: Jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of judgements in civil matters, April 2016, Brussels

Judicial Training on EU Direct Taxation,
April 2016, Thessaloniki


Highlights of the “Language training on the vocabulary of judicial cooperation in criminal matters” seminar,
May 2015, Bordeaux


EU Asylum Law,
5-6 November 2015, Lisbon

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European Company Law,
12-13 October 2015, Lisbon

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EU Public Procurement Law for Judges,
5-6 March 2015, Trier


EU Institutional Law,
16-17 June 2014, Ljubljana


Access to Court in Environmental Law Matters,
7-8 October 2013, Lisbon

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