EJTN releases the Judicial Training Methods Guidelines for Leadership Training

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

EJTN is delighted to release the Judicial Training Methods Guidelines for Leadership Training: its overall purpose is to serve as a useful tool, which means being easy to use and hands-on as well as giving practical examples.

These guidelines aim to support judicial training providers in their work on planning, organising and conducting leadership training.

The Guidelines are composed by three main areas, mirroring the Leadership trainings which are provided whiting the JTM seminars: “Personal Leadership”, “Leadership in Communication” and “Change Management”.

For each mentioned area, it is illustrated the expected learning outcome and the training methods employed. Then, each chapter is closed by specific recommendations.

The Appendix constitutes the last part of this tool: it is composed by “National practices “in leadership training. As a result, twenty-eight charts have been released following the analysis of replies to a survey which was launched accordingly. These charts, all accassible in the Appendix, offer an in-depth insight on leadership practices and tools across Europe and outside the EU borders (examples are indeed offered also by U.S.A and Israel).

These Guidelines have been researched, prepared and validated by the Ad Hoc Group on Leadership, an expert group of EJTN’s Judicial Training Methods Working Group.

EJTN is proud to remain committed to providing the tools and resources needed to assist Europe’s judicial trainers, training providers and national training institutions.

 Judicial Training Methods Guidelines for Leadership Training  - EN