Brexit under the loop: how it impacts the judicial cooperation in criminal matters?

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Judicial cooperation in Criminal matters following Brexit was the main topic of the EJTN webinar held on 23 March. More than 65 participants from all the EJTN members attended the event.

The webinar started with an overview on the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement, by chapters and offered practical examples and solutions. An interactive session moderated by two panellists followed on the topic of how is the EU-UK agreement implemented in practice and what implications does it have for criminal justice on both sides of the Channel. The panellists addressed questions from the participants and gave answers to practical situations as to whom to address a form for Mutual Legal Assistance (MLA), an European Investigation Order (EIO) or to whom the surrender order shall be addressed.

The panel was truly multidisciplinary gathering practitioners and policy makers from the European Commission, Crown Prosecutors from the UK and Prosecutors representing the General Prosecution Service of Portugal. The aim was to cover all aspects from legal, procedural and practical points of view.