THEMIS 2015 Semi-final D

Fourth 2015 THEMIS semi-final held! 
For the first time, the Judicial Academy of the Czech Republic hosted the THEMIS Competition, with the fourth semi-final round being held from June 23 to 26.

EJTN especially thanks Mr David Kolumber, who had prepared a presentation about the Czech judicial system.

Mr David Kolumber

EJTN thanks Mr Filip Glotzmann, Director of the Judicial Academy as well as Ms Renata Vystrcilova for their support during the competition.

(L to R), Ms. Helene Cambron (EJTN), Mr. Filip Glotzmann (Czech Republic) and Dr. Renata Vystrcilova (Czech Republic)

Over 4 days, 10 teams from across Europe defended their written papers and debated challenging issues with fellow team members as well as the assembled jury members. During the competition, each team had 90 minutes to defend its written paper and debate challenging issues with fellow teams members as well as the assembled jury members. 

The jury had the difficult task of nominating the two finalists for the Grand Final, which will be held in Bucharest, Romania, during the last week of October. After the deliberations, Team France 4and Team Poland 2 were selected as finalists. Third place went to Team Greece 3 and fourth place went toTeam Austria 3.

 Team France 4  and Team Poland  2

The jurors: Ms. Laura Marina Andrei, President of the Bucharest Tribunal, Romania, Mr Filip Glotzmann, Director of the Judicial Academy, Czech Republic, Ms. Alena Novotna, Judge and vice president of the District Court Prag 1, Czech Republic.

  Team Italy 4

  Team Austria 4

  Team Latvia 1

  Team Germany 4

  Team Austria 3

  Team Portugal 2

  Team Greece 3

  Team Lithuania 1

Please find below the materials:








Written paper Lithuania.pdf

Written paper Poland2.pdf

Written paper Portugal2.pdf