THEMIS 2015 Semi-final C

Third 2015 THEMIS semi-final held! 
For the first time, the Parquet Général du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg held the third 2015 THEMIS semi-finals competition from June 9 to 12.

EJTN especially thanks Mr Georges Santer, "Président de la Cour Supérieure de Justice" at  Luxembourg as well as Mr. Robert Biever, "Procureur Général D'Etat" for hounouring the Opening Ceremony with their presence.

Mr Georges Santer and Mr. Robert Biever

In addition to the competition itself,  Mr Jeannot Nies, First Advocate General at the Parquet Général du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg  provided a comprehensive presentation about its  judicial system.

Mr Jeannot Nies

Over 4 days, 10 teams from across Europe defended their written papers and debated challenging issues with fellow team members as well as the assembled jury members. During the 4 days of the competition, each team had 90 minutes to defend its written paper and debate challenging issues with fellow teams members as well as the assembled jury members. 

The jury had the difficult task of nominating the two finalists for the Grand Final, which will be held in Bucharest, Romania, during the last week of October. After the deliberations, Team Italy and Team Francewere selected as finalists. The third place went to the Team Bulgaria.

First place, Italy, Second place, France, Ms Mylène Regenwetter, Advocate Général ( Luxembourg), the jurors: Ms Dimec (Croatia), Ms Ramascanu (Romania), Mr. Nies (Luxembourg), Mr. Postulski, EJTN Secretary General

Several participants also provided feedback and comments about the competition, particularly about the lessons learned. One participant said, "The most important aspect of this competition was the comunicatioin with others judges and prosecutors from Europe." Another participant recounted that "it was nice to share our experience and see differeent views on the problems and to see that a problem in one country does not have to mean a problem in another country". Yet another participant said that "I learned that simply talking to judges and prosecutors from other countries brings us closer together."

EJTN  thanks the three jury members, Mr Jeannot Nies, First Advocate Général at the Parquet Général du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, Ms Ksenija Dimec, Judge of the County Court of Rijeka-Court of Appeal, Croatia, Ms Beatrice Ramascanu, Judge, Phd., Romania.

(L-R) Ms Ramascanu (Romania), Mr Nies (Luxembourg), Ms Dimec (Croatia), Ms Cambron (EJTN Project Manager)

EJTN also warmly thanks the Competition’s hosting institution, the Parquet Général du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, Ms Mylène Regenwetter.

  Belgium Team

  Bulgarian Team



Czech Team

   Greek Team


   Hungarian Team


   Moldovan team                                    

  German team
    Spanish Team

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