THEMIS 2011 Semi-final Bordeaux

The first semi-final of the Themis competition of 2011 took place in a building completed in 1972.  EJTN and the participants in the Themis competition were warmly welcomed by the Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature, Bordeaux, France (ENM) at its headquarters from 25 to 27 May 2011.

The participating teams numbered 6: Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Germany, Italy and Spain engaged all their oratorical and professional talents in presenting to the members of the jury work of great quality in the fields of “International Cooperation in Criminal Matters” and “Magistrate’s Ethics and Deontology”.

The gracious jury members
Thanks to the facilities provided by ENM and especially by the efforts of Mr Gilles Bourdier and his administration team, the competition was brilliantly successful.

The competition could not have been held without the active participation of the jury, namely: Mr Koenraad Moens (Belgium), Mr. Gilles Bourdier (France), Mrs Dana Cristina Gîrbovan (Roumania), Dr. Oliver Scheiber (Austria), Dr. Christian Schernitzky (Germany), and Dr. Jorge Costa (Portugal) who gave of their time to devote themselves to the Themis competition, and share their abilities and knowledge with the participants.

Members of the jury noticed that in the course of the week a spirit of European conviviality developed through the exchanges between the participants, as well as among the members of the jury.

Enriching knowledge
The competition allowed young judges and prosecutors to enlarge their “network” by keeping in touch with one another, exchanging points of view and enriching their knowledge of different systems in Europe.

At the end of this week, the members of the jury had the difficult duty of naming the two teams in each field who would go to the final in Amsterdam: the first place was awarded to Hungary 2 in the field of “International Cooperation in Criminal Matters” and to Germany  in the field of “ Magistrate’s Ethics and Deontology”. Second place was awarded to France in the field of “International Cooperation in Criminal Matters” and Italy  in the field of “ Magistrate’s Ethics and Deontology”.

Below, photographs of the award-winners and jury members: