EJTN would like to thank all the countries which participated in the fifth annual THEMIS event as well as the members of the jury and the Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura, The Escuela Judicial de Espana and The National Institute of Magistracy (NIM). 

The winners!
It is with great pleasure that EJTN announces the victors of the fifth THEMIS edition: The Netherlands 2 as winners, Germany 3 in runner-up position and Italy 2 in third place.

The winners! Team Netherlands 2. 

Prior to the THEMIS grand finals competition, Semi-final A was held at the Judicial School of the General Council for the Judiciary of Spain  in Barcelona 5-8 October, 2010. Each team participating had to present a written text on any subject falling within the two categories selected for their semi-final.

Below, the teams' written submissions:

Semi-final B, held in Rome 12-15 October 2010, also required that each participating team submit a written report on any subject within one of the two categories selected for their semi-final.

Below, the teams' written submissions:

THEMIS Grand finals
The Grand final competition was held at the National Institute of Magistracy (NIM) in Bucharest, Romania 22-26 November 2010. The winning 8 teams from the semi-finals had to prepare written practical cases, within a limited time, based on the following case study given to them by the jury: THEMIS Final Case Study.doc.

The teams' written practical cases:

This year, a new assessment element was organised. Participants had to observe the presentations of their colleagues and constructively critique these. These written critiques, which were submitted to the members of the jury, became a part of the overall teams' assessments.

The well-prepared critiques:

Below, the final assessment report of all the 8 teams from the members of the jury: