This year's THEMIS Competition 

All the details of the current year's THEMIS Competition may be found from the THEMIS project page.

THEMIS' roots 

THEMIS was created, financed and run from 2006 to 2009 by the Portuguese Centre from the Judiciary Studies (CEJ) and the National Institute of Magistracy of Romania (NIM).

In 2010, the Competition became an EJTN activity and steps were then taken to adapt and enlarge its format in order to recognize its importance in cross-border training in European Law.

THEMIS' aims 

THEMIS Competition aims to:

  • promote a forum of discussion on European and International Law topics,
  • promote the exchange of experience between participants,
  • obtain and spread interesting and useful theses on the chosen subjects,
  • encourage the development of the critical thinking and communication skills,
  • promote and foster relationships among participants from across the European judiciaries represented in the Competition.

THEMIS rules

The current rules of the THEMIS Competition: 

Past THEMIS Competitions

Learn about past THEMIS Competitions:


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Date and location

Semi-final A

International Cooperation in Criminal Matters

Date: 11 - 14 April 2016

Location: Riga, Latvia

Semi-final B

International Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters – European Family Law

Date: 17-20 May 2016

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Semi-final C

International Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters – European Civil Procedure

Date: 31 May-3 June 2016

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Semi-final D

Judicial Ethics and Professional Conduct

Date: 27-30 June 2016

Location: Omšenie, Slovakia