Judicial Training Methods



On 12-13 June 2014 the EJTN members, at the General Assembly in Thessaloniki, Greece, agreed to give life to a new Working Group (WG) devoted to “Judicial Training Methods” (JTM).

The opportunities leading to the creation of this new WG replied to the following requirements:

  • The necessity to share good judicial training practices among justice professionals and set up a new approach towards the delivery of training and knowledge to EU judges and prosecutors, according to changing needs and priorities;
  • The need to combine judicial training with the quality of justice;

Under the aegis of EJTN, the combined actions of its 3 Working Groups is concrete and self-evident, notwithstanding the specificities of each one of them: the WG “Exchange Programme” aims to favour exchanges (through a panoply of opportunities) of judges and prosecutors; the WG “Programmes” provides ad hoc-training actions in civil, criminal, linguistic and administrative justice cooperation at EU level.


The WG Judicial Training Methods can be read under the light of a “fil rouge” serving all these purposes, since its peculiarity lies in the creation of a proper environment for identification, research and dissemination of training tools. Its aim consists in proposing the most efficient and concrete training methodologies, applicable in all contexts.

Therefore, its contributions are polyhedric and transversal for any purposes of training tools development, by offering an actual reply to “training needs”, also through a wider recourse to E- tools.


The WG JTM is organised according to seven Project Teams concerning the following key-areas:

  • Training needs assessment 
  • Innovative curricula/training plan
  • Innovative training methodology, E tools & E Learning
  • Judgecraft
  • Leadership
  • Train the Trainers activity on each of the 5 previous key-areas



In 2022, 11 training actions and one AC Training have been implemented. Due to pandemic reasons, most of the seminars were held online face-to-face, and three seminars were held face-to-face. A total of 227 trainees have taken part to online / face to face trainings and 56 experts collaborated to the organisation of these trainings. 

WG JTM Second meeting

  1. Agenda (EN)
  2. Practical Information - Lisbon
  3. Steering Committee decision relative to Covid-19 , dated June 2022
  4. Exception claim form
  5. Terms and Conditions of Participation
  6. FAQs





14- 15 February

Seminar on Personal Leadership

Prague, Czech Republic


14-15 March

Initial training trainers – coaching mentoring and tutoring

Ljubljana, Slovenia


24-25 March

Developing new methodology in EU-law training

Budapest, Hungary


21-22 April

Seminar addressed to beginner trainers

Tallinn, Estonia


5-6 May

Ethics, Bias, Assessment of Evidence, Judicial Resilience

Brussels, Belgium


13-14 June

Challenges on Distance Learning

ERA; Trier, Germany 


27 June- 1 July

Seminar on Probability, Statistics and Judicial Decision Making

Judicial Training Academy Trier, Germany


7-8 July

Communication for Leaders

Branderburg Jufdficial Academy, Germany


29-30 September

Introduction of the concept of training Judgecraft

Nicosia, Cyprus


6-7 October

Train the Trainers Seminar

Riga, Latvia


10-11 November

Seminar on Communication on Vulnerability

Sofia, Bulgaria


5-6 December

Seminar on Change Management

Thessaloniki, Greece


12-13 December

Seminar on Evaluation

       Krakow, Poland


For any queries concerning the Judicial Training Methods activities, please contact the EJTN Secretariat