Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia
Judicial Training Centre

The Judicial Training Centre is an affiliated body of the Ministry of Justice. The tasks of the JTC are defined by the law and are as follows:

  • to implement training of judicial trainees
  • to organize and provide for implementation of bar exams
  • to organize and provide for implementation of other exams 
    required in the justice system
  • to organize and provide for implementation of various forms of
  • continuous education of judges, technical assistants and court staff;
    to issue professional publications.

As a body within the Ministry of Justice tasked with training all judicial personnel, the JTC carries out also professional-training courses for state prosecutors, state attorneys, technical assistants, judicial assistants and other personnel of judicial bodies.

Training of state prosecutors is provided in the form of schools, seminars and workshops organized by the JTC in partnership with the Expert Centre at the Office of the Supreme State Prosecutor General.

The JTC is also the body responsible for carrying out international exchanges of judicial staff, organizing participation of Slovenian judges and prosecutors in international training courses and co-coordinating participation of foreign judicial authorities (judges/prosecutors) in national training courses on EU law.

JTC also provides training courses and organizes exams for people who are not directly employed in the judiciary, but whose activity is closely linked to the judiciary, such as: 

  • Enforcement officers
  • Receivers in (insolvency and) compulsory-liquidation
  • Court experts and court appraisers;
    Court interpreters
  • Mediators.

The JTC is managed by a director, who is a judge assigned to the JTC. With a view to providing professional assistance to the JTC, the Minister of Justice sets up an expert council consisting of the members from the judiciary and Law faculties.


Blanka Javorac Završek

Higher Court Judge - Director

Župančičeva 3

SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


tel: +386 1 369 57 70