National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution

The National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution (Krajowa Szkoła Sądownictwa i Prokuratury) was established as a legal entity on the basis of the Act of 23 January 2009 (Journal of Laws No. 2012, item 1230) and started its activities on 4 March 2009. It is the central institution responsible for the initial and continuous training of the judiciary and prosecution staff in Poland. 

The tasks of the National School mainly include:

  • Preparing programmes of seminars and practical training for court and prosecutor trainees and undertaking organizational measures related to the implementation of the programmes in question, including court or prosecutor specialization in frames of the on going training;
  • Providing initial training (application): general application, judge’s application and prosecutor’s application;
  • Preparing an organizing programmes of applications;
  • Preparing programmes of legal trainings for judge’s assistants and court referendaries;
  • Preparing and organizing exams for judges and prosecutors;
  • Preparing programmes and organizing central training and other cyclical forms of professional development;
  • Coordinating training activities of courts and public prosecutor's offices;
  • Preparing and organizing conferences, symposiums, seminars related to the particular areas of law;
  • International cooperation and cooperation with the faculties of law of universities, institutions and research centers with respect to the training activity and other forms of professional development;
  • Publishing activity related to the publication of training materials;
  • Other tasks related to the development of officials of common courts of law and the public prosecutor's office, designated by the Minister of Justice.

The training activities of the National School are mainly performed by means of seminars, conferences, symposiums, workshops and publishing activity, planned in accordance with the annual schedules prepared on the basis of the analysis of training needs reported by courts and public prosecutor's offices.

The National School doesn’t employ full-time trainers, they are chosen especially for training reasons. Our lecturers are the leading representatives of legal academics and experienced practitioners of law.

Every year our School trains 15 000 participants in frames of the ongoing training. We assume that approximately 200 initial trainees will be enrolled to our school annually.


  International co-operation department
  National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution
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  Tel.: +48 81 440 87 15

  e-mail:  miedzynarodowy@kssip.gov.pl
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