National School of the Judiciary

The National School of the Judiciary is a Legal Entity of Public Law, which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice and is administered by Justices of the High Court.

The main purpose of the National School of the Judiciary is to select, educate and train prospective judges who will be appointed to tenure-track positions as judicial functionaries to the Council of State, the Audit Council, the Civil and Criminal Courts, the regular administrative courts as well as prosecutors. Moreover, the National School of Judiciary is the sole competent institution of the ongoing training of the above mentioned tenured judicial functionaries. 

Working for the organisation: one Director-General, one Director of Studies, one Principal Director of Studies, 10 public servants and about 60 trainers.


National School of the Judiciary
Po Box 22
CP 55102
Tel: +30 23 10 494 101
Fax: +30 23 10 494 123