Estonia: Office of the Prosecutor General

Office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Estonia

The Prosecutor’s Office is a government agency in the area of government of the Ministry of Justice. The Prosecutor’s Office directs pre-trial criminal proceedings, ensuring lawfulness and effectiveness thereof; represents public prosecution in court, participates in planning surveillance activities necessary for prevention and identification of crimes, and performs other duties assigned to the Prosecutor’s Office by the law. The Prosecutor’s Office is a two-tier body, consisting of the Office of the Prosecutor General and four district prosecutor’s offices.

The judicial training activities for prosecutors and for administrative personnel are coordinated by the Human Resources Division of the Office of the Prosecutor General with the help of the Training Council of the prosecutors, which consists of four prosecutors from different district prosecutor`s offices, one prosecutor from Prosecution Department, the Prosecutor General and the head of HR Division. The Training Council meets twice a year, to analyze the training needs, find the trainers and fix the content of the training plan.

Every year HR Division composes the annual training plan, which consists of legal, non-legal and soft skills trainings. Annual training plan is composed on the bases of strategical decisions of the Training Council, the changes in legislation or IT systems and the conclusions of individual training needs of the prosecutors. 


 Office of the Prosecutor General
 Marianne Tiigimaa, Human Recources Division
 Wismari 7, 
 15188, Tallinn, Estonia 
 Tel.: +372 6139418