Judicial Academy

The Judicial Academy (JA) was established in 2002 by the Act No. 6/2002 Coll. as the central institution of the justice sector for the training of judges, state prosecutors and other target groups. Since it took over the Judicial school in 2005, the Judicial Academy is a unique state body in the Czech Republic responsible for training all target groups in the Czech judiciary.

The seat of the Czech Judicial Academy is in Kroměříž. JA has got training and accommodation facilities in Kroměříž and training facilities in Prague and 7 other cities. Among main activities of the Judicial Academy are:

  • Initial training of trainees
  • Continuous training of judges and prosecutors
  • Continuous training of middle professional staff at courts and prosecution 
  • Continuous training of senior staff at courts and prosecution offices
  • Training in cooperation with partner institutions (e.g. Czech Bar Association)
  • Association of Judges, Association of Prosecutors, Chamber of Court Appointed
  • Interpreters and Translators
  • Training in cooperation with European training institutions; etc.

The education is provided pursuant to the regular annual training program, created on the basis of the analysis of educational needs in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, courts and the state prosecution offices. The training is focused on domestic law, EU law, legal skills and social sciences. It is provided in form of lectures, seminars, workshops, short-term courses, moots, mock trials, etc.

JA has many bilateral contacts in and outside Europe. Since 2004 it has been an active member of the European Judicial Training Network. JA has an experience as a coordinator of national and European projects (e.g. CZ0056 E-learning Education for Judiciary, project under the Financial Mechanism of Norway, 2007-2011; 7F-07532.01 Training Needs Analysis and Creating of Training System for Professional Staff of Courts and State Prosecutions, project under the Cooperation Program between Switzerland and the Czech Republic, 2011-2013). The Czech Judicial Academy also participates as a partner in bilateral and multilateral projects aimed at training of different aspects of the EU law.

Detailed information about training events and all activities of the Judicial Academy is available on the JA webpage ( or in the Judicial Academy registration system ASJA (


Judicial Academy
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